The Marquette Creative Residency — A home for creatives (of all kinds!) on the Superior coast

Apply now for our next residency, March 1st – May 31st, 2019
Deadline: Midnight, January 5th, 2019


You’re serious about your craft. That means you’re hungry for the time and space to focus, to listen, to explore new ideas and perhaps revive some long latent ones. Funny how the entire universe seems to rise up and complicate your best efforts.

We think it’s time you had some time.

We’re Evolve MQT, an assembly of Michigan creatives eager to provide three talented out-of-staters a private bedroom and shared living space for three months at One Marquette Place, a spanking new development with incredible harbor views and within easy walking distance to our thriving little city. 

We invite applications from lauded veterans to emerging artists – from anyone who can articulate a strong personal vision and provide a compelling portfolio – working within analog or digital technologies in advertising, architecture, art education, technology, culture, design, fashion, film, literature, music, performance or visual arts. We don’t place limits on the scope of projects conducted during the residency, but we DO ask that you share your experience widely on social media and plan to connect with our community. We’re excited to meet you!

PORTFOLIO/APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Portfolio samples may be photocopies of work or double-spaced, numbered manuscript pages in 12-point font (up to 20 pages of poetry or prose), videos, photographs, etc. Email with application materials to:, or mail hardcopies to:

Marquette Residency
132 W Washington St
Marquette, MI 49855



1. CV/ Resume.
2. A brief creative/artists statement.
3. Letter of intent stating your creative goals, how you would plan to engage with our community (workshops, lectures, public displays, installations, etc.), your specific interest in the Marquette Creative Residency, and any critical studio/space requirements (we will try and accommodate the specific needs of each resident within reason).
4. A list of where we can find you on social media.
5. The contact information of 3 people who can speak to your qualifications as a potential resident. List the name, affiliation, phone number, and email address. Reference letters will not be accepted.
6. Five examples of your work.

APPLICATION FEE: $0 – The fee has been covered for all of our applicants!



APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications and supporting materials are accepted before Midnight, January 5th, 2019. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Residency recipients will be notified by January 18th, 2019. (Please note that because of our funding requirements, this residency is only available to creatives currently residing outside of Michigan.)

AWARDS DETAILS: Evolve MQT will provide each resident with a private bedroom and shared living space, wi-fi, public workspace at Ampersand Coworking, and a modest food stipend donated by Marquette Community Food Co-Op. Travel and personal living expenses—e.g., regular food, phone, expenses related to the production of work—are the responsibility of individual residents. (Note: this is a cohabitation for three months. We’re seeking applicants who thrive in community and bring with them a spirit of generosity, grace, and good humor.)

Each resident will be awarded an exhibition opportunity at the completion of the residency. Lectures, film screenings or performances will also be accommodated. Residents are expected to conduct one workshop open to the public and remain available to local media outlets for interviews.

Marquette, Michigan is the Upper Peninsula’s largest city. We have gastropubs and a world-class co-op, crazy opportunities to get outside and one of North America’s more stunning natural backdrops of sea and coast once you’re there.

QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION: For questions about submission information please contact:


Podcaster Breesa Culver 

Photographer/Art Educator Mathew Conboy  

Poet/Journalist Megan Alpert